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Which will be the 2017 furniture decorative trends? 2016 is running out, which means that we are already one step from year’s end. So today we do a review of the furniture decorative trends that will prevail during 2017.

This will be helpful if you plan to redecorate your home for the next few months… So, don’t miss anything!

The styles more present this 2017 furniture decorative trends

One of the major decisions we make when decorating any room is the decorative style we want to prevail in the space. Luckily, today there are many styles to choose from, so you will not struggle to find the one that suits your tastes and personality. Yes, if you want to follow trends, keep in mind that one of the styles that will succeed next year is eclectic, which is characterized by mixing elements from different eras and styles.

This style will join us with one of the most romantic and charming styles: vintage. Yes, go for retro is still fashionable, and professional interior design and decoration have spent years investing in it. Other styles that will hit hard in the coming months is the industry style, a trend that features the metal material always combined with touches of wood and some retro pieces. In addition, sober environments that bet by straight lines and the combination of brown and white tones with wood furniture, especially in spaces like theliving room.

And speaking of wood, it is important that you consider this to be the main material for the next year. In fact, furniture and decorative accessories linked to nature, such as wood, stone and metal materials will be the 2015 trend.

Furniture Colors for 2017

Although the choice of colors depends greatly on the style we choose and the tastes of each one, there are some colors that set trends in decoration on 2017.

Thus, it seems that next year will have much prominence natural tones such as green and blue. Yes, it is important that you choose their softer ranges if you are using them for walls. Instead, you can choose stronger colors if they are part of the decorative objects and textiles.

These colours will help you achieve relaxation areas, so they are ideal for rooms such as the bedroom or the bathroom, especially if you combine them with light colours. On the other hand, keep in mind to take a lot gray colours, ideal for industrial styles. You can use them on walls, furniture and accessories.

And now… Which of these trends will you use this 2017?

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