Bean bags are a familiar site in homes or even in schools.  But in the office? It is not actually a far-fetched idea.  Maybe the boss has one inside his office where he can sit and relax if he suddenly decides not to use his thinking chair.  The bean bag then serves as his “relaxing chair”.  Yet in some offices, most especially those with modern designs, bean bags have easily found there place as it now takes the place of chairs in the setting.  It can be used as chairs in the weighting room, or even in the lounging room where employees relax and engage in a light conversation.  Though it may seem odd to have one, bean bags have evolved into different sizes and forms, why, even a whole couch can be made into a bean bag! So will a bean bag fit right into an office?  Sure it will. After all, we are living in the modern age, aren’t we?

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